Beauty Battle Royale - Matte Foundation

Welcome to Beauty Battle Royale

Along with Extreme Green Beauty, I’ve started another series in which I attempt to discover whether best-loved green beauty makeup products can out perform highest-rated conventional counterparts. And today, I’m taking on matte foundations.

Skin Care versus Makeup

For me, green and organic skin care will always win the efficacy competition every time. That’s not to say that every green skin care product is the best product of life, and sometimes it can take some searching to find the right combination of natural ingredients that work with your particular skin type. But once you find it, it’s not even a fair fight to have conventional and organic skin care battle it out since conventional skin care relies on outdated formulations and cheap fillers.

But makeup is a bit of a different story. Because there are no limits on which ingredients conventional makeup brands can use, the better ones can come up with innovations that far outstrip what a natural formula can do. And this makes me feel as though I’m missing out.

Or am I?

The Battle for my Face

So I came up with this series to investigate whether natural and organic makeup really is at a disadvantage. Just as with conventional makeup, some products are better than others and so I’m trying to put a focus on best-loved, most recommended or highest rated products. And this month, I’ve got two matte foundations that are ready to battle it out, care of a follower’s suggestion. Check it out below:

Which conventional and organic makeup products would you love to see battle it out? Let me know in the comments!