Natural Air Fresheners
I don’t usually deviate from my fashion and beauty obsessions into the realm of ‘lifestyle’, but the two lifestyle categories that I am obsessed with are tea and air fresheners. And of those two, the latter is the one that is most prone to introducing toxins into the home.
It’s well known by now that if you’re using conventional products to freshen your home, especially at times when you’re running air conditioning or heating, the air inside your house tends be more polluted with toxins than outdoor air.

Luckily, there are a lot of clean and green alternatives on the market now. In this post, I’ll share a few of my favourite toxin-free ways to make my house smelly yummy.

Scented Candles

Natural Candles

Scented candles have always been a fave of mine. But a couple years ago, when I realized that conventional candles not only contain synthetic fragrances (a potentially toxic mishmash of who knows what) and paraffin, but that none of the contents that go into making those candles have to be disclosed to the consumer, I was hella spooked.
Thankfully, it’s fairly easy these days to find good-for-you candles. These come in two main kinds: beeswax or soy/plant wax. For anyone who’s familiar with my blog, you’ll probably already know that I have enough concern about colony collapse disorder to opt for soy.

And I prefer candles that contain only soy and essential oils. Some of my faves are the ones made by Citchen Candle Co. They are made in Toronto (local for me) and have some of the most unique and delicious scents around! They are subtle enough to not be obnoxious but powerful enough for a dining room centerpiece or bedroom ambiance.

Chances are, you’ll have a local maker of beeswax or soy candles in your area. Check out Etsy for toxin-free candle makers near you!

Natural Home and Car Fresheners

Natural room & car scents

I’ve also discovered some amazing home scent gadgets from Saje Natural Wellness. Using essential oils, you can scent your home or your car (!!!) with their pure essential oils or essential oil blends. I am loving their car scenter (pictured at centre), which plugs into your car’s electronic cigarette lighter adapter. You then place five drops of your fave essential oil (I love their fresh, citrusy ‘Goddess’ blend) onto one of the paper scent pads and put it into the car scenter. It’s the perfect strength for a car.

I have their home scentball as well, which plugs into the wall. I love it for rooms that are on the smaller side (I currently have the ‘Rain Forest’ blend going in my home office) and 7 to 10 drops lasts a whole day. However, you can see from the picture that over time, the warming essential oils do stain the white plastic of the scentball, and I can’t seem to figure out how to get the stains out! Perhaps a baking soda-vinegar combination would do the trick. That’s the one downside of the Saje Natural Wellness scentball.

Naturally Scented Room Sprays

Natural Room Sprays

You can also find plenty of naturally scented room sprays to replace your conventional air fresheners and scented fabric sprays. A few of my faves come from Saje Natural Wellness and my hometown fave, Demes. Both brands create room sprays and deodorizers that are made from essential and other toxin-free oils. I tend to use these sprays in my bathroom, where they live full time.

And while the Saje version, Airoma Loo, can be used as a spray for any room, the Demes version, Get the Funk Out, is a little more versatile. It can also be used as a yoga mat deodorizer, fabric freshener (although I’d always spot test first!) as well as a personal deodorant spray. Love the complex, fresh scents and the versatility!

Essential Oil Diffuser

Organic Aromas Diffuser

So far, I’ve mentioned all sorts of scented products that are great for bedrooms, bathrooms and smaller rooms such as home offices. However, it took me a long time to find a way to naturally scent the larger rooms in my open-concept home. In particular, I have a large open-concept basement. And you know how basements can be! Because of the way humidity settles (not to mention the presence of cat litter in an adjacent alcove), my basement like many can be a challenge to keep fresh.

If you’re having a similar challenge with a large, open-concept space, I’d recommend an essential oil diffuser. There are many available today, but I’m super happy with the one that I have. It’s the Raindrop Essential Oil Diffuser from Organic Aromas.

Like many diffusers, it has a LED colour change light and the scent level is adjustable. But unlike many essential oil diffusers (and one of the coolest aspects of it) is the fact that it does not use heat, and there’s no need for adding water. It uses a nifty principle of physics to force an air current through the tiny glass tube, atomizing the essential oil and diffusing it throughout the room.

The result is that the scent achieved is much more powerful than any other scent method. I found that setting the diffuser to low was enough for a bedroom or office, but setting it to maximum was more than enough for my large rooms! Problem solved!

Organic Aromas Diffuser Oil

The only downside of the system is the fact that you can’t use just any essential oil or blend in this diffuser. With many diffusers, you can swap out brands to get the most for your money or the purest blends — whatever you prefer.

But this particular principle of physics means that heavily oils such as carrier oils (jojoba oil, etc.) and even heavily essential oils such as patchouli, vetiver, frankincense, sandalwood, and benzoin oil will not work with this diffuser.

Your best bet is to purchase Organic Aromas’ own essential oil blends (such as the Signature Blend in the picture which has been tested for purity) or you can dilute the oils listed above with a thin carrier oil such as sweet almond oil. Then you’ll be good to go!

Have you tried any of these clean, toxin-free methods of scenting your home? Which one is your favourite? Have you tried any others? I’d love to read all about it in the comments!