Black Friday Sales

The Black Friday Dilemma

In years past, I’ve avoided Black Friday like the plague that shares its modifier. And believe me, I’m not about to brave even the relativity tame Canadian sale day IRL anytime soon.

But with more and more sales heading online and small businesses taking part, I’m not as opposed to shopping this time of year as I was before. And being a frugal sort who mostly does without through the year, this is the one time that I can be generous in shopping for family and friends, as well as splashing out on myself. And if it means I can convert more peeps to green beauty and sustainable fashion, more’s the better!

Trust me, I’m still super choosy about where I spend my money. And so in compiling my list of sales I *might* shop, I thought I’d share it with you so that you can check out some of these deals as well! Here’s what I’m eyeing:

Au Naturale – Free Lipstick

Au Naturale Black Friday Sale

Au Naturale has created a line of clean makeup that includes creative colour choices and primo formulas. And it doesn’t hurt that they’ve been known to take the regulation of cosmetics fight to the highest powers in the land!

On top of all that, their Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals are super generous this year. Starting tonight at midnight, they’re offering 25% off their entire site and throwing in a free lipstick for any orders over $50 USD. And if you shop on Cyber Monday, add to that deal a $30 gift card to use in 2018. Not sure where to start? You’ve got to check out their amazing holiday collection.

Zuzu Luxe – Mystery Sale

Zuzu Luxe Black Friday Sale

Some brands tend to be light on details up until they launch sales on Black Friday, and Zuzu Luxe is definitely one of those. When I pressed them, all they said was, “stay tuned.” That psychological trick might have worked on me, since I’m dying to try out either their Wanderlust or Trailblazer Gift Set! It’s also a great time to stock up on some of their best in class products: liquid eye liner, concealer, or lip pencils. I’ll post more details here when I find out what they are!

Nuciya – Tiered Sale

Nuciya Black Friday Sale

Carried some amazing brands such as Lily Lolo, Axiology, Karen Murrell, True Glue, FitGlow, and Hynt, this Canadian shop is essential for makeup brands you can’t find anywhere else. And their sale has already started! From now until the end of Friday, you’ll get a $15 USD gift card for spending over $90 USD, a $25 USD gift card for over $150 USD, and a $50 USD gift card for spending over $275 USD. 

Need to really stock up on good for you beauty and gifts? With so many brands in one place, I don’t blame you. You’ll receive two $50 USD gift cards for spending over $400 USD! And anyone from around the world can partake in this deal. Plus, if you use the code SENSEOF, you’ll receive an extra $5 USD off your orders of $25 USD or more.

Make sure to check back on Nuciya come Saturday, as the sale terms will change!!

Etsy – Handmade Gifts on Sale

If you’re a big fan of supporting local makers and small businesses who use quality or sustainable materials, you’ve got to check out the Etsy Cyber Week Sale. The savings depend on each shop and can vary, but there are sales of up to 60% off, with many shops offering free shipping. I’ll definitely be wading through this week, looking especially at the Jewelry and Makeup categories!

ASOS Eco Edit – Sale on Everything

ASOS Black Friday

If you’ve been thinking about taking the plunge and trying out sustainable fashion, or are ready to convert friends and family with some stylish gifting, this is the perfect opportunity to do so! Starting Thursday morning and until Tuesday the 28th at 8 A.M., ASOS is offering 20% off everything with a code to be released on the first day of the sale.

This includes their Eco Edit section, where you can browse fashion-forward sustainable finds! And with free shipping over about $37.35 CAD or $33.52 USD, you can bet I’ll be hitting up the Eco Edit section of this sale!

So those are some of the primo Black Friday sales that I’ll be hitting up without taking a hit to my conscience! How about you? Are you planning to sit out Black Friday this year?