Rentals to Save the Planet

If you, like me, are a reformed shopaholic, the concept of sustainable fashion might be hard to wrap your mind around. The constant need for the latest and greatest isn’t so easily quelled.

But newcomers to ethical fashion can rest assured that they don’t have to go without new duds for an important meeting, date, or party. One of the best ways to decrease your fashion consumption and save some cash is through fashion rental. And while rental services are well established in places like the USA, here in Canada there are a handful of companies that are shaping the market. I had the chance to try out one of these new companies, Boro, recently.

Rent Out Your Closet

Boro’s model is a really unique one: while other amazing rental services offer new designer pieces for loan and then retire them after a certain number of wears, Boro allows us fashionistas to rent high-quality, designer pieces from Toronto’s most fashionable closets! It’s sort of a consignment model without having to sell. And if you are fashion addicted, you can easily sign up to lend your pieces out for some extra cash without having to break up your fashion family.

Boro Fashion Rental

Own the Moment

I personally love the model. I especially love how you can borrow pieces, from jackets to jumpers, outerwear and accessories for four to eight days, completing an outfit with the perfect piece or making a unique statement at a special event.

This past weekend, I was able to borrow this artisan-made woven bag and David Yurman statement ring. I found that these were the perfect accessories for a hot summer weekend, running around town with my maid-of-honour to check out potential wedding vendors. I paired the accessories with a thrifted zebra-print sundress (which doubles as my fave swimsuit cover for when we hit the beach). I also tried out the bag and ring with a dress and shoes that I found at a clothing swap, creating the perfect summer wedding guest look.

Using the Boro rental service was really easy and fun. My only qualm is that, since I’m moving to Winnipeg this summer, I won’t be able to rent out my own closet. Boro is, for now, a new start-up that is Toronto-based. The company offers delivery and pick up within the city, and if you do live in Toronto, you have to check them out! My hope is that Canadians response to this unique model so that as Boro grows, we’ll be able to participate from coast to coast!

Have you ever tried fashion rental services? If so, I’d love to read about your experience in the comments! And if not, do you think you ever would?