It’s an often repeated misconception that ethical or sustainable clothes can never be as stylish as conventional fashion. But I’m hoping that these ethical celebrity style swaps will help put an end to that notion.

Lucy Hale

For my first style swap, I thought I’d go with an outfit that is classic and easy to wear. Back in January, Lucy Hale (of Pretty Little Liars fame) was shot in Los Angeles in a simple yet classic rock chic look:

My Version

I chose to reconstruct this look using ethical pieces since it’s so easy to pull off and yet can elevate any casual weekend look. Here’s my version:

For my version of this outfit, I first shopped my closet. Although Lucy Hale is wearing black jeans, I chose a pair of black moto style leggings that I’ve own for a long time and are supremely comfortable. I also found a vegan leather moto jacket from H&M that I’ve owned for years, and is one of my fave outerwear pieces.

This outfit is also primed for an ethical makeover since many of us own pieces such as a white tee with black writing, aviators sunnies and white sneakers already. Pairing them this way gets them all a new lease on life, and simple, chic ensembles such as this one are a minimalist’s dream come true.

However, the other resource that I used in putting together this ethical version of a celebrity outfit was my local thrift shop. Resale, vintage and consignment shops are also great places to purchase outfit basics such as black pants and leather jackets, but I found this white tee and my aviators in my local shop.

The only item that I wouldn’t consider ethical are my sneakers, which are Adidas. However, I did want to include these sneakers and have the chance to mention that Adidas is one of the only conventional sneaker companies making sustainable strides. Recently, they released their collaboration with Parley in creating a shoe made from reclaimed ocean plastic. They also have a new collaboration with Stella McCartney that’s just been released. For an even more ethical option, you could go with vegan sneakers from brands such as Veja.

And just to be extra sustainable (and cheeky), I swapped Lucy’s throwaway coffee cup for my Libra Tea cup filled with matcha. I then did a slicked-back low pony tail and added my own twist with a red lip care of Honest Beauty’s Truly Kissable Lip Crayon in Strawberry Kiss. But as Lucy shows us, this look works with a makeup-free face just as well!

Let me know in the comments what you think of this post. If you like it, I’ll do more in the future and maybe even bring back my ‘dancing OOTD’ video series as the post format!