Chic Made Consciously

The Fair Trade Show is coming back to Toronto with its Buy Good, Feel Good Expo May 13-14. Leading up to the Expo, I thought I’d highlight just a few of the fair trade fashion and beauty companies that will be exhibiting that weekend. I’ll be at the show, and if you’d like to join me I have details on a {DISCOUNT CODE} at the end of this post! This week, I’m talking to Cassandra, the founder of Chic Made Consciously, about her gorgeous fair trade accessories – including the ones that Cassandra wears above. They’ll make you look like the hero that fashion needs! 

What is Chic Made Consciously all about?

Chic Made Consciously was born with a desire to make change in the fashion industry. Our sustainably chic collection of accessories are repurposed from tire tubes and ethically handcrafted in Bali, Indonesia. Social and environmental responsibility are both core elements to how we operate. We aim to inspire, educate and bring more awareness to the story behind what we wear.

The summer of 2014 was when it all began. I travelled to Bali and met local artisans Dana, Pat & Blanka. I had the opportunity to work with them: designing and creating pieces with the tire tubes myself. I felt inspired by their passion to reduce waste in such a innovative way and decided to partner up with them and offer North America their beautiful creations. Being involved in the fair trade movement is such a blessing and being able to offer these artisans better work opportunities is incredibly rewarding!

Chic Made Consciously

What motivated you to start an ethical company?

On April 24th 2013, there was a factory collapse in Bangladesh that killed over 1,000 people. It really opened my eyes to a world that I knew nothing about. I couldn’t believe that there were so many lives behind the clothing and accessories we wear, nor had I ever stopped to consider it before.

The reality is that most of what we wear nowadays is mass produced abroad in countries like Bangladesh, China, India and Indonesia. Unfortunately, these people work in extremely poor conditions and make an average of .03 for every $10 t-shirt that we buy in North America; not even enough to cover their basic needs of survival being food, shelter, water and medicine. These social impacts are overwhelming and then there is also the environmental side to consider, too. Approximately 40% of our surface water is considered polluted due to toxic chemicals dumped in our water supply: these stats are just the tip of the iceberg!

I realized that there was a need for more awareness. Since starting Chic Made Consciously and understanding these complex issues, I have gone through lots of personal growth and evolution myself. I am a big believer that who we support has a big impact on how industry operates. I make it my mission with this company to bring more awareness to these issues and encourage mindful consumption decisions that bring us more connected to our supply chain!

Chic Made Consciously

What makes your brand unique in the market?

Firstly, the fact that our product is made from tires is something very unique. Most people have never seen anything like it before and the feedback I receive is that they look too beautiful to be tires! Introducing a product to the market that would have otherwise been in the landfill is very new to a lot of people as well as incredibly rewarding!

We also ensure that we are remaining fashion forward through our innovative designs. We absolutely love creating statement pieces and easy to wear accessories that are a fun addition to any outfit. This gives people the option to add our pieces to any simple outfit and remain very trendy!

Lastly, we very much are part of the slow fashion movement and want to change the way traditional fashion works. That means, moving away from the 52 week fast fashion trend and moving towards a much slower model of operation. This brings us connected to the products we buy and wear, and more connected to the people behind them.

Chic Made Consciously

What do you see for the future of your company and/or the future of the fair trade market?

Each day, I am inspired to move forward because I know I am helping people! It gives me pride to know I am part of the fair trade movement, those working to do good bringing us closer to the people behind what we enjoy everyday. There is lots of change taking place: awareness is growing and people are shifting. I see a promising and exciting road ahead and the more this continues to happen, the more that consumerism will force big industry to change. It will take time but as long as we remember the impact and role we each play then we are doing our part! I like to think of it like we are casting a vote with each purchase we make, and the more fair trade brands we support, the more that they will become the norm!
We are excited to announce that we will be launching an online, educational event to encourage mindfulness on fair trade, ethical and conscious shopping. We believe the seed for change starts with knowledge, and are thrilled to be offering valuable content on topics such as fashion, health, sustainability and lifestyle! Learn from 22 expert speakers on HOW to be a mindful consumer, with the actionable steps needed to create a future of change! The online event is called Wear The Change Movement and will go live from June 6-14. Sign up and reserve your spot on our site! We are excited to have you involved!

Chic Made Consciously

Where can we buy your fair trade goods?

Our fair trade collection is available online at  or you can find us at upcoming events including the Buy Good, Feel Good Expo this weekend!

And remember, if you want the tools needed to be a mindful consumer, find out how to be part of this change by signing up for our online event Wear the Change Movement. You can also email if you have any questions or comments.
Be sure to join me at the Buy Good, Feel Expo this May 13-14 to check out products from Chic Made Consciously! Click here to purchase tickets and use code SenseAesthetic at checkout to get two tickets for the price of one! See you there!