Closet Detox Challenge

The Closet Detox Challenge is a conscious fashion project that invites you wear garments that are good for you, good for the planet, and good for all people. It’s a Conscious Fashion project for maximalists!

My name is Stephanie and when I first starting writing about clean beauty, I had no idea that it would lead me to investigate my closet for toxins as well. But so far, I’ve learned that allergens and environmentally harmful compounds are as present in my closet as they are on my bathroom counter. That’s when I realized I had to Detox not only my makeup stash, but my closet as well. For me, it’s important that I not only feel good, but wear good and do good as well.

The Closet Detox

Many ‘closet detoxes’ aim to ‘trim the fat’ in your closet. But this one is not an exercise in minimalist dressing or building a capsule wardrobe. This challenge is for anyone who wants to go from obsessed with fashion to conscious of fashion’s environmental, social and health impacts. If it’s hard for you to choose a favourite dress, if each one of your garments is like a cherished pet that you’ll miss when they’re gone — then this project is for you.

  • Feel Good: We’ve gone through our pantries and refrigerators for any food that isn’t clean or organic, and we’ve gone through our bathrooms and makeup bags to rid them of toxins — but have you ever thought about what may be lurking in your closet?
  • Wear Good: Animal by-products, plastic microfibres, and unsustainable natural fabrics can all pose a risk to the environment.
  • Do Good: Many of the garments that we purchase have been produced using environmental toxins that are hazardous not only to our health but to the health of textile workers as well. Much of what we wear was made in places with loose labour laws.

Closet Detox Challenge

How to Detox

  1. Take inventory. How to Detox Your Closet will be helpful.
  2. Once you start detox dressing, pay attention to what you are buying. Consider these simple guidelines: look for natural plant-based fabrics, locally or domestically made garments, and resale fashion.
  3. Incorporate simple switches into your shopping routine. When you do clean out your closet, donate wisely.
  4. Keep a clothing archive.
  5. Invest in greener, cleaner laundry care.

Learn More

If you’re not sure how or where to start, take a look around. You’ll find loads of inspiration from my experiences building a kind closet. Start with:

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