Yes…it’s that time of year already!
I’ve proclaimed my love for Etsy before. It’s such a great place to find vintage duds, upcycled jewelry and natural and indie beauty brands. And it makes all of these finds accessible for those of us looking for clean beauty and ethical fashion who don’t have many brick-and-mortar resources nearby.
And now that the holidays are on their way, you’ll be happy to know that it’s also an amazing site for finding holiday presents. On Etsy, you can unearth unique gifts for the fashion forward and ethical gals on your list. Plus, you can also find amazing gifts for pampering and beautification.
But with so many individual shops on Etsy, how to find that perfect gift? I’m here to help! No matter which holiday you celebrate, I’ve rounded up some of the most amazing toxin-free and eco-friendly gifts that are also glamorous:
Woodlot Coconut Wax Recharge Candle in Rosemary Mint: This Woodlot candle is perfect for anyone on your list who needs some self-love. A great anecdote for a stressful day, it will fill a room with scent without polluting a space. And that’s due to the mix of coconut wax, soy wax and essential oils that it contains. No fillers, no additives, no problem!
Mini Goat with Heart – Recycled Metal Necklace by Crobinson Design: Isn’t this necklace adorable? It’ll be great for the animal-lover on your list, especially if she’s into recycled and repurposed metals for her adornments. You can choose have this handmade pendant in recycled aluminium or recycled sterling silver. Perfect!
Zelly Belles Dark Green Leaves Pattern Full Skirt: Know someone who loves to get her ModCloth on but is not so crazy about their sourcing and supply chain? This skirt is for her. It’s a one of a kind piece made from upcycled fabric. But don’t worry if you fall in love as well. Zelly Belles makes many skirts in varying patterns and lengths, all from rescued or upcycled material.
Fork whisperer Upcycled Bracelet: This is by far one of the most unique, amazing eco-friendly pieces I’ve ever some across. It resembles a giant squid but it’s actually been formed from an upcycled antique fork! If this piece is perfect for the deep sea lover in your life, you have to check out the other designs from the appropriately named Fork whisperer. They are wearable pieces of art!
Sudsatorium Strawberry Fields Forever Shampoo And I Drink Your Milkshake Conditioner: If you’re a regular visitor to Sense of Aesthetic, you’ll know that I have nothing but love for the superstar indie brand Sudsatorium. Not only are their products made from organic and vegan ingredients, but they are also ethically sourced (fair trade) and give 5% of their proceeds to grass roots charities. Plus, the scents they use are amazing!
For your favourite ethical beauty, you can always pair small sizes of products — like a lip scrub and balm or a lotion/body scrub combo — for a perfect gift set. I’d recommend a 60ml of each of the Strawberry Fields Forever and I Drink Your Milkshake hair care products. They work for a variety of hair types and the strawberry scented products are heavenly!
All Natural Aloe Vera Finishing Powder from Pure Lips: This vegan, talc-free translucent powder has the most amazing name: “Ever After”. It can be used as a setting powder for makeup, or through the day as a blotting powder for oily t-zones. It comes in two different coverage levels and best of all, is scent and dye free!
Bird of Many Colours Tilt Hat from Mary Beth Hale Vintage: This vintage hat is definitely not for the faint of heart. Colourful and unique, keep this piece in mind for anyone on your list who needs to make a statement.
Vegan Cake Eyeliner/Mascara from Clean Faced Cosmetics: Never heard of cake eye liner? Think of it as gel liner, but with more of a vintage feel and less additives. Perfect for dramatic cat eyes looks.
Ka Pueo Lava White Floral Perfume from Phoenix Botanicals: It not only comes in a cute, retro chic bottle, but this clean perfume is made from infused botanicals and essential oils. It is suitable for anyone on your list, as both men and women can wear it. So it’s great for that special someone who’s been on the hunt for scent products without all the nasties.
Raw Pyrite Cube Bead Necklace from Divyanka Latwal: This necklace is definitely for your bestie and her fashion-forward edge. It is so sleek, with a modern flare. Made from raw pyrite cubes, it’s a guaranteed one of a kind statement piece.
Gray Pleated Wool Trench by Aby Anubha: Made from hand crafted fabric and eco-friendly dyes, this trench exudes old Hollywood glamour and is for the girl on your list who is a reformed label addict. It is so gorgeous and lovingly made, and is as beautifully tailored as a dress.
Now that you’ve seen my list, what’s on yours? Let me know in the comments below whether you found this post helpful, and I might just write an everything but Etsy Ethical Fashion and Clean Beauty Gift Guide!