Ecotools Real Techniques First Impressions

When it comes to makeup tools, I look for cruelty-free options preferably made of sustainable materials. I also want my brushes and sponges to last a long time so that I can use less and buy less. Two of my fave budget brands that fit my needs are Real Techniques and Ecotools, and so when I was recently send some of their newest releases, I knew I had to do a first impressions post for you! Check out the video below, and scroll down for all my notes including where to find these new products:

Ecotools Perfecting Blender Duo

Ecotools Perfecting Blend Duo

As I mentioned in the video, I think these sponges are a pretty good budget option, but not an exact dupe for the more expensive Beauty Blender. Although they don’t contain latex, they do have a slightly more rubbery feel. The larger of the two is great for getting a flawless yet natural-looking finish to foundation, and I think the smaller sponge blender under eye better than the Beauty Blender Micro Mini (never thought I’d say that!). They are made of 70% plant-based ingredients but because of strict regulations they can’t be composted or said to biodegrade. If you want these to last you a year or longer, try this cleansing method. It is actually amazing!

If you’re looking to purchase this sponge set, it’s coming soon to most Canadian drugstores and Walmart in Canada, but for now you can find it here. In the US, these are available at Ulta.

Real Techniques Eye Shade & Blend Set

Real Techniques Shade and Blend Set

As for this duo set, I was super impressed. The Base Shadow Brush does its job pretty well, although I’d say it’s best to use it with loose or pressed powder shadows rather than cream shadows or foiled loose powders. The real hero here for me is the Deluxe Crease Brush, which not only deposits colour like crazy but also diffuses it so, so beautifully. This is an amazing affordable brush and I am in love!!

Again, these brushes should be showing up in your local drugstore or Walmart in Canada pretty soon, but you can get it here if you just can’t wait. And in the States, go get you some at Ulta!

Have you had a chance to try any of the new releases from Ecotools or Real Techniques? What are your thoughts?