The Great Preservatives Debate

Ever since green and organic beauty has really grown as a portion of beauty sales (last year it saw 7% growth while the conventional beauty industry only saw 2% growth), the debate has raged about preservatives.

For those of us with mostly green beauty products on our vanity, conventional preservatives are a no-go. Their safety, in terms of human health, are dubious at best and no amount of anti-aging promises can make up for that. But there is something to be said about their ability to keep products’ integrity when exposed to things like the sun.

Some green beauty brands use natural preservatives as a solution, but many of my products that are natural and safe for sensitive skin contain a single ingredient. So how do we keep these (often pricey) products free from UV and other naturally occurring nasties such as mold?

Enter a new discovery: Infinity Jars.

What’s In a Name?

If you’re a big skin care fan, you may have seen bottles and jars like this used by *a few* green beauty brands. And there’s a very specific reason for that. Unlike plastic, glass containers are not only gentler on the environment during their production process, but don’t leach unwanted extras into the product they contain.

As for the deep violet colour of the glass? That’s for UV filtering. Unlike a clear glass, the colour filters out harmful light rays that can degrade natural, organic products. But unlike a solid black glass, it does let through certain light that can actually help extend the life span of your products.

There are tons of ways to use these jars, but I thought for this review I’d just let you know what I’m using them for and the results that I’ve had:

DIY Beauty

Infinity Jars Spray Bottle

The tall spray bottle just might be my fave. I’m not huge on DIY green beauty, but I do have a few go-to recipes that I can’t live without. One is a lightening spray for amping up the blonde I get from the summer sun. Another is an aloe vera makeup setting spray that contains skin care benefits. Or sometimes I just need some rose water to refresh my skin and hair throughout the day.

None of these recipes contain a preservative of any kind, so it’s great to know that the violet glass of the spray bottle will extend shelf live. And the spritzer on this bottle is top notch! Often, spray bottles that already contain toners have awkward spritzers that deliver giant globules onto your face and hair. But this one sprays a fine mist that won’t ruin your makeup or soak your hair. Love that!

Anti-aging Plus

 Infinity Jars Roller Ball

I also had the chance to try out a steel roller ball bottle from Infinity Jars. I wanted to try this one so that I’d have a way to apply oils to my under eye area. Dropper bottles are good when you want to apply an oil to the rest of your face, but the steel ball has a nice cooling action to depuff.

I choose to put Aynara’s Prickly Pear Seed Oil in it because of its under eye brightening Vitamin K and collagen-boosting fatty acids. I love knowing that this single-ingredient oil will last longer in this particular bottle, and I also love the way the cool steel ball feels on my under eye area!

Organic Edibles

Infinity Jars Screw Top

The last jar that I tried out was the tall screw top jar. When I first ordered this one, I intended to fill it with my organic cotton pads that I use for makeup and nail polish removal. However, I actually started using it for a beauty steam from Skin Owl. This product is a lot like a loose tea, with bits of dried florals that could use some light filtration to retain all those skin benefits.

Because of this, I really think that the tall screw top and the apothecary bottles that Infinity Jars sells would be perfect for storing organic loose teas as well as dried herbs and spices. And now that Bulk Barn in Canada is accepting the use of zero waste containers brought from home, it’s a great time to stock up on these to help not only lower my personal waste, but extend the life of all those yummy dry goods.

Other Features

You might be wondering about this deep coloured glass and how to keep it clean. I really like how the bottles came with a soft, white cloth for cleaning off fingerprints and smudges (although I haven’t really experienced any). I was also really impressed by the cute labels. This is definitely something that I’ve been meaning to do to all my reusable containers, but it’s necessary when you’re looking at containers that are not see through! They also seal really well, keeping out odors and other compounds that can break down organic products.

In the end, I am really impressed with how Infinity Jars made their products very thoughtfully. Sometimes when shopping, I get the feeling that companies are thinking more about their bottom line than how the customer will use their products. But not so with Infinity Jars. They’ve really put thought into the customer’s perspective and have anticipated needs and solutions to problems before we can even think about or experience them. And that’s really what I love most about these products and this company!

So whether you’re into beauty DIY, zero waste living or preserving precious products for longer, I really think you should check out Infinity Jars. And let me know in the comments which jars you’d try and what you’d use them for!