In the six months since I was last actively blogging, a lot has happened in my life. One of those things is that I got engaged! I am super happy about being able to utter that corny line that everyone rattles off, that I’m lucky enough to be marrying my best friend! And after it happened, the first thing I did was to go out and get a wedding planner book!

Want to hear the engagement story? Curl up and get comfortable, because this one starts on the weekend we first met!

My guy (Corey by name, search and rescue helicopter pilot by trade) and I have one of those urban legend, love at first sight stories. We met when he first moved from Nova Scotia to Ontario to start his flight training. He didn’t know anyone in the entire province except for this old college roommate, Aimee…who just so happened to be my younger sister’s best friend from waaaaaaaay back.

Aimee had also just moved from Nova Scotia back to Ontario to start her Ph.D. in marine biology, and so had nowhere to go for Thanksgiving back in 2010. So she decided to come to my parents’ house and invited Corey along with her. I also showed up that weekend, along with my sister, and that’s when I met Corey.

We hit it off right away. There were outings and parties that weekend that we all attended (along with, of course, the traditional big family meal) and by the time the weekend had ending, Corey and I had already made our first coffee date. Six months later, he asked me to move in. It was a whirlwind romance that at every step of the way, has felt so right.

But back to that first weekend. One of the outings we went on was a chill af walk to a beaver pond near my parents’ house. It was Corey and I, and my sister Anna, and Aimee. Aimee and Anna walked ahead, catching up as best buds do. Corey and I fell in step, talking about all kinds of things and realizing how much we had in common. It was really the first time we connected.

So this past fall, Thanksgiving marked the sixth anniversary of us meeting for the first time — it’s really the anniversary we celebrated. Corey suggested a walk to that beaver pond to mark the occasion. And maybe I should have seen it coming — but as we walked through the forest talking, I didn’t really suspect anything when he suggested that we sit down on a random boulder for a moment. It really wasn’t until he got down on one knee with my grandmother’s ring that I knew what was going on! After I got over my happy surprise, I said yes!

It was a perfect day. From there, he whisked me off to a fancy dinner and a night in the Chateau Laurier. He’d planned the whole thing and I’d had no idea!

Since then, I have to admit that we haven’t done much planning. I know that I want to have a conscious wedding, taking my cues from the sustainable and ethical style research that I’ve done thus far. And that’s why I’m so happy that he decided to give me my grandmother’s ring! I was feeling weird about feeding the whole engagement ring industry, and this ring means so much more to me than any store ring ever would.

We also know that our wedding won’t be until Summer 2018, so I’ve got tons of time to do research and source sustainable and fair trade vendors, decide on location, theme, etc. I also know that Anna and Aimee will of course be part of our very small wedding party! The one other thing I’ve done is to pick up a wedding planner book. Check it out:

It not exactly an eco-friendly book, but I’m hoping that I can get some points for the fact that I’ve wanted a wedding planner book for sooooo long and I intend on keeping it for life. But as the plans progress and I continue to make headway on figuring out how to make our special day eco-friendly, I’ll definitely update you!

Are you planning a wedding in general or a sustainable one specifically? Have any tips and tricks to share? I’d love to read all about them in the comments!