Joe Natural Review

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Canadian Made

Recently, I had the chance to try a new-to-me natural skin care brand, Natural Joe. This Toronto-based line includes three different varieties of body and facial scrubs, as well as an under-eye serum. All four of the products contain plant-based and organically farmed ingredients, and absolutely no toxins! They are also vegan, cruelty-free, and handmade.

Organic Camu Camu Under Eye Nectar

My fave product from the line is the Under Eye Nectar. Not only does it contain organic camu camu, which is packed with brightening vitamin C, but it also has organic coffee in it which I found helped perk up my hopelessly dull under eye area. It also contains soothing ingredients such as organic aloe juice, chamomile extract and geranium oil. The formula has a rich, silky feel and a sweet top note of geranium.

Over time, I found that this formula helped to keep my under eye soothed and moisturized especially as the weather in Manitoba changed quickly from summer to fall to winter (yes, it’s snowing here for real). I’ve also found that a little goes a long way. I’ve been testing this formula for about a month, but I still have over half of my 1 oz/30 ml bottle left!

For me, however, this under eye nectar was a nighttime treatment only. Although on no makeup days using it as a part of your morning routine is fine, I found once or twice that by the time I went to apply makeup, my under eye area was still somewhat oily. This definitely led to some major creasing. So I would suggest that you test this out with your makeup to see whether it works out. And it might — depending on how dry your skin tends to be.

Body & Face Masks

If you’ve yet to find your favourite natural body and face scrub, you’ve got to try out Natural Joe scrubs. These scrubs come in three different varieties: Fair Trade Coffee, Matcha Green Tea and Activated Charcoal. Like the Under Eye Nectar, they contain a lot of beneficial, organically derived ingredients. But all three are different.

Fair Trade Coffee

I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve heard of a coffee scrub before — they’re definitely trending and are super popular. And it’s no wonder. The fine coffee grounds make a unique exfoliant for face and body and can help with a host of skin concerns such as reducing the appearance of cellulite. And the Natural Joe coffee scrub is no different.

What does make it different is the fact that the coffee is fair trade (perfect for those of us who look beyond green beauty to ethical beauty), and it includes ingredients that are super innovative. For instance, the coffee is joined in its exfoliating efforts by Himalayan Pink Salt, and moisturization comes from coconut, grapeseed, sweet almond and jasmine oils.

On top of that, Natural Joe has included cacao in this scrub, giving it an absolutely delicious scent that’s more like a mocha latte than it is straight up coffee. The texture of this mask and scrub is more grainy than the other two scrubs, making it more like what you’d expect from a coffee scrub.

Joe Natural ReviewMatcha Green Tea

The other two versions of the Natural Joe scrubs are a different texture from the coffee scrub thanks to the inclusion of shea butter, but contain ingredients that are completely unique compared to other scrubs on the market. The Matcha Green Tea one, for instance, is great if you’re looking for an all-over anti-oxidant powerhouse.

The manual exfoliation in this scrub comes from organic cane sugar, and organic apricot kernel and calendula oils help to keep your skin conditioned. As we slide into fall and winter in North America, that’s going to especially important. Not surprisingly, this scrub has a fresh green tea scent to it and feels rich and luxurious as it helps to soften skin.

Joe Natural Review

Activated Charcoal

If you want more of a whole body and face detox, then you’ve got to try this totally unique scrub. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve come across a body scrub quite like it! Like the Matcha version, the exfoliation comes from organic cane sugar, and the two formulas feel very similar with scrubby particles mixed in with moisturizing ingredients. However, some of the conditioning agents are slightly different. They include soothing chamomile as well as castor, lavender and rosemary oils.

You can smell the clean, crisp note of rosemary as you use this mask and scrub, and it feels just as rich and nourishing as the Matcha Green Tea version.

How to Use Natural Joe Scrubs

The reason I’ve been referring to these products as ‘masks and scrubs’ is because they really are both. However, unlike many scrubs that need to be combined with an oil to create a mask and need to be used as either one or the other, you can use the Natural Joe versions as both, at the same time! You can use it like any scrub, applying in circular motions over face and body to exfoliate, but then you can leave them on for 5-10 minutes before rinsing.

Perhaps it’s obvious by now, but these scrubs should be used in the shower. Not only will the water help the formulas adhere to your skin, but it will be a lot less messy! I’ve found that the Activated Charcoal and Fair Trade Coffee versions do need to be rinsed from shower and tub surfaces after use so that you won’t have any staining.

I love these three scrubs for the body. Followed up with your fave body oil or lotion after the shower is a perfect way to keep your skin silky smooth throughout these harsher months. However, I do prefer a facial scrub with less oils, personally. I do have dry skin, but it’s also extremely sensitive. So I usually opt for a dry manual exfoliant followed by an oil with very simple ingredients for my face.

If you have naturally dry skin, however, I think these scrubs and masks would be perfect for your skin type!

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