Organic Aromas Review

I’ve been using my Organic Aromas diffuser for years, and I love it! I’ve looked at other essential oil diffusers, but I’ve never felt the need to replace this one. I was a little nervous about moving it since it is made of glass, but I was super happy when it came through intact.


What’s different about this diffuser? Besides being plastic-free, the way that the Organic Aromas diffuser spreads scent is completely unique. Rather than mixing your oils with water to release stream or heating those oils up, this diffuser keeps the chemical composition of the oils intact through a fluid dynamics theorem called the Bernoulli principle. Basically oils are forced through tiny glass tubes and strike the side of the glass, nebulizing and releasing scent molecules into the air.

What that means for me and you is that this little diffuser is powerful! You can turn it down for small spaces, and turn the dial up to fill an open concept living area. Each diffuser is handmade with a wooden base, and the company is based in Australia. If you do live down under, you can grab your diffuser from the Organic Aromas website. And if you’re elsewhere in the world, check them out on Amazon.

Organic Aromas Review


The only downside of this mechanism is that you have to be careful which oils and oil blends you choose to put it in. Thicker oils can get stuck in the tubes, and then you’ll have to spend your afternoon soaking it gently and cleaning with pipettes (I speak from experience).

That’s where the essential oils blends from Organic Aromas come in. The Inspire and Awaken sets are great if you’re really into diffusing, but I had my favourites and some that I was not into. In that case, you’ve got to go for the individual blends! My faves are Ocean Breeze, Meditation, Pacific Northwest and Jubilation. For a full review, check out my video below:

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