Welcome to Extreme Green Beauty

So I’ve started yet another new video series, and in this one I will be exploring non-invasive, non-toxic beauty treatments that sometimes take the place of plastic surgery.

Within the green and holistic beauty space, there are certain trends that pop up that don’t necessary involve natural skin care or cosmetics. Instead, they involve tools to help lift, contour, define and otherwise beat our faces into submission. And in this series, I intend to explore them all to find out whether or not they produce the intended consequences.


For this first episode, I’ll explain the benefits and rationale behind dermaplaning. Not strictly a green trend, anyone who’s really into makeup and is the proud owner of facial peach fuzz will eventually find themselves facing this trend. As you’ll see in the video, shaving your face with a special tool means that your foundation will lay down better, and that beneficial oils, serums and lotions will actually sit on your skin rather than on those teensy hairs. Dermaplaning also has the added benefit of providing a monthly or twice-monthly deep exfoliation.

Check out all my sister’s reactions to this particular procedure and all of my warnings about how to do it correctly:

If you are interested in dermaplaning, the tools are relatively cheap considering the benefits. If you’re nervous about this home treatment, however, you can book yourself an appointment with a local esthetician.

Would you ever try shaving your face? Have you tried dermaplaning at home or in salon before? I’d love to read about your experiences in the comments!