Soul Woven

The Fair Trade Show is coming back to Toronto with its Buy Good, Feel Good Expo May 13-14. Leading up to the Expo, I thought I’d highlight just a few of the fair trade fashion and beauty companies that will be exhibiting that weekend. I’ll be at the show, and if you’d like to join me I have details on a {DISCOUNT CODE} at the end of this post! Today, I’m talking to Claire, the founder of Soul Woven. She sells fair trade pieces made by Mayan artisans including scarves, accessories, and (my fave) boots.

What is Soul Woven all about?

We began in 2015, after I had travelled to Guatemala for a few years and found there was a need for handmade boots in Canada, and also a need for expanding the consumer market for the boot makers of Guatemala. We easily became close friends with a number of artisan communities and companies and began to dream of ideas and ways to create a viable business. With my background in theatrical costume design and construction, I began to design and collaborate with the artisans, and that’s how it all began.
Soul Woven

What motivated you to start an ethical company?

The mass-production, fast fashion world is a representation of how consumers can make a difference, and as a consumer I wanted more options of where to buy ethical clothing and apparel. I did not go to Guatemala with the intention to start a business, but what I saw there was a great opportunity and a viable business that I believed in, I had no choice but to try!

What makes your brand unique in the market?

We are unique because the supply chain of our business is very small. Because of this we can provide the consumer with beautiful products and the stories that go with them, we can be honestly transparent in how our business works. Also, because of the direct trade and small supply chain, we can create custom, made-to-order products, which is exactly what we are doing with our boots. We are very excited to offer our customers the opportunity to choose their style, colour and size of their shoe. They can become part of the process of making their own handmade boots. This is all because we are a small business working directly with the craftspeople.
Soul Woven

What do you see for the future of your company and the future of the fair trade market?

My grandmother always spoke about going to the tailors to have dresses made. She would cherish her garments and take care of them for years. She taught me about the value of our possessions and to not take anything for granted. The future of Soul Woven lies in going back to our roots, where we value things made by hand and made specifically for the customer.

Where can we buy your fair trade goods?

We are very excited to announce that our online store will be up and running by the Buy Good, Feel Good Expo where you will be able to purchase our in-stock inventory or order a custom pair of boots made to fit your feet and your style.
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