Sweet Leaf Bath Company

The Fair Trade Show is coming back to Toronto with its Buy Good, Feel Good Expo May 13-14. Leading up to the Expo, I thought I’d highlight just a few of the fair trade fashion and beauty companies that will be exhibiting that weekend. I’ll be at the show, and if you’d like to join me I have details on a {DISCOUNT CODE} at the end of this post! This week, I’m talking to Sweet Leaf Bath Co. about their scrumptious, fair trade personal care products! 

What is Sweet Leaf Bath Company all about?

We are a mother and daughter duo located in the small town of St. Marys, Ontario. We began our journey in 2007 when I was on maternity leave with my first child. I have an Aromatherapy background and a firm belief in the importance of what we put in and on our bodies. Rose had an extensive business background at 3M and was recently retired. We made the decision to start something together and so we began making soap in her kitchen.

Sweet Leaf Bath Company was born out of a desire to create something that was pure and nourishing and something that was good not only for your skin, but for the planet as well. Sweet Leaf Products are handcrafted in small batches using pure, organic and Fairtrade certified ingredients. Hand blended with pure essential oils to soothe or uplift, preserved using natural methods, sustaining the nourishing and therapeutic properties of the oils. We take pride in our ingredients so much that we list each and everyone of them on our labels. We believe it’s important to know and understand what it is you’re putting on your skin, especially since most of what you put on your body goes into it!

Sweet Leaf Bath Company

Our small indie company is licensed by Fairtrade Canada, allowing us the opportunity to help create a sustainable future for men, women and children in the developing world. It allows us to create something that truly makes a difference. From our little soap studio, to your hands, our products will never contain petroleum-based ingredients, sulfates or detergents, synthetic preservatives colours or fragrances. Pure and Simple. Kind the world and to your skin.

sweet leaf

What motivated you to start an ethical company?

When we first started out in 2007, we had never even heard the term Fairtrade. In our first year, we spent quite a bit of time researching our ingredients. We knew we wanted organic, sustainable raw ingredients that wouldn’t have a negative impact on the earth. It was while we were researching those ingredients that we stumbled into the world of Fairtrade. We found both Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter from a Fairtrade Certified Source and decided to formulate our soap recipes around those two ingredients. From there as our line grew, so did our ability to purchase more Fairtrade certified ingredients. Sugar, coffee and Cocoa Powder for our sugar scrubs along with our Shea and Cocoa Butters ensured we were making choices that would positively impact the lives of families in West Africa, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.

What makes your brand unique to the market?

We are continually trying to come up with new ideas that will draw attention to ethical purchasing and Fairtrade. Our Lip Balms were featured in the Globe and Mail a few years ago, when we launched Canada’s first Fairtrade Lip Balm in a home compostable tube.

Last year we launched Canada’s first and only Fairtrade Certified Beard Balm and Shave Soap. To this day, I believe we still hold that title. We are always looking for ways to add more everyday Fairtrade items to the market. Giving consumers more choice and hopefully a greater awareness to how their purchases can impact the world.

What do you see for the future of your company and/or the future of the Fairtrade market?

I see us continuing down the current path, creating products that are kind to the world and shining a light on Fairtrade. Right now, we’re formulating recipes for two new and exciting products that aren’t available as an ethical option in Canada yet.

Sweet Leaf Bath Co.

As for the Fairtrade Market…it’s evolving and growing. Years ago, most people thought of only coffee when they heard the term Fairtrade. Now there are Fairtrade Chocolate Bars, Coffee and Bananas at mainstream grocery stores. If you look hard enough, you can find Fairtrade clothing, Soccer Balls, Flowers, Jewelry and hats. The more options, the more awareness and the bigger the impact.

Where can we buy your Fairtrade Goods?

You can purchase directly through our websiteWe are in the process of updating our retailer list on our newly updated website. Goodness Me carries our line in all their locations and we are also on Amazon Canada.

Be sure to join me at the Buy Good, Feel Expo this May 13-14 to check out Sweet Leaf Bath Company’s products! Click here to purchase tickets and use code SenseAesthetic at checkout to get two tickets for the price of one! See you there!