At least, it’s my favourite look for winter 2015.

A selfie, I know. Apparently having a casual beauty and style blog means taking selfies. I’ll get one of those remote dealies for the camera and rectify that soon. In the meantime enjoy my funny face.

I got the dress back during early fall at Marshall’s. At the time I went on about how amazing it was. And it still is. The many colours in the pallet mean that I can play around with what I wear it with: the colour of my tights and makeup. You can’t see them really in the picture, but my tights are a deep wine colour that corresponds well with the purplish flowers in the dress.

The cropped sweater I’m wearing with it is thrifted. Yee ha! That’s something I haven’t done in awhile. Next sale, I swear.

And then there’s the footwear. I bought the boots awhile ago as my only fall 2014 footwear purchase. They’re not that practical now that winter has decided to decent here in earnest, but seeing as I worn sneakers this year into January, I did get a lot of use out of them. They are the Abeawen Ankle Boots from Aldo.

Bam! There they are. I’ve got Roots’ Pop Cabin Socks over my tights to make my feet cozier and more wintery-looking. I’m loving the Pop Cabin socks. I’ve never really bought anything from Roots before (despite being Canadian), but these socks are awesome. They are non-wool (great for little ol’ me, being allergic to lanolin and all), warm and they’ve got a bit of lumberjack aesthetic to them. They are all I’ve been wearing on my feet this year.

And aren’t these boots just amazing? I have no words. Heels, trend, laces. Everything I wanted.


Yeah, I should mention that, shouldn’t I? Basically the same thing I usually do, but with a few tweaks. Pure Anada’s Pressed Eyeshadow in Nectar on my lids, Sahara on my crease (from the samples I wrote about yesterday, imagine that?) and then Suncoat‘s lipstick in the colour Magic Mauve. As if the dress itself wasn’t ’90s enough!!