Closet tour

Closet tour

As I shared some time ago on my author blog, I am currently in transition. Having moved back to Ontario at the beginning of June, we’ve had to wait for our new house this entire summer. We won’t be moving in until September. However, between now and that near future, we’ve been living in a rental. It’s not a bad house — 50 or 60 years old, but heavily renovated just before we moved in. It’s got one less bedroom than we’re used to so that my office and the guest room are squashed together into one tiny room. There is a major road (and emergency services route) just beyond our backyard. It’s loud.

It’s not a bad place, but certainly not ideal.

Except for one thing. My closet.

Closet tourWhy, yes, that is a cute little walk-in closet with a glass panelled door and an actual light inside it. When we first saw our house back in June, I nearly wept for the fact that I’ll have to leave it in another month or so. Okay, maybe not quite. But still. Look at this thing! Renovators were thinking.

What else is there to write about this but to look at the pictures.

My closet has a window in it! Isn’t that a lovely thought? If I was living here longer, I’d put up some sort of window treatment. As it is, two months is barely enough time to justify the two nails it took to hang that mirror.

Closet tour
I also didn’t really know what to do with all that space and only two vertical racks for coat hangers. Until I remember the ultra cheap closet modifiers I own. Not exactly the prettiest things in the world, but at about 100 years old, they still hold up just fine. And make this little closet functional for me!

What a self-indulgence to have such a closet! How self-indulgent of me to feel sentimental about it. But leaving aside any aesthetic pleasure I feel for the space, I also have to add that I’ve never actually had such a functional closet probably in my entire life before. I’ll miss it if only for that.