So I had this great idea for a video, and I was nearly done editing it for you. I planned on posting it today. I’ve had the goal of posting a fashion video for you every Friday from now on.

However, this morning, after seven years of MacBook ownership, my old generation 60W Magsafe charger decided to give up. My computer still works fine (although, to be honest, it has trouble with basic things like running two programs at once or you know, Google Chrome).

And as I investigated the possibility of getting a new charger, I had one of two options: pay $100, or pay $27 and wait until May for delivery. Can you guess which one I chose?

Needless to say, there won’t be any videos for awhile. 🙁

However, thanks to the miracle of mobile apps, iPad minis and bluetooth keyboards, you’ll still be getting lots of content from me. And so, without further ado, here’s my video in textual form.

Spring Transitional Outfits featuring Socks and Sandals

Somewhere in the world, it is spring. Where I live, it’s the first week of consistently above freezing temperatures. Yes, in mid-April. Here, in this tiny slice of the world called northeastern North America, we’ve all just emerged from the coldest winter on record. And, as many Canadians also do every year, we are all hoping for a long, hot, steamy summer to make up for it.

Unfortunately, the buzz is that we’re also in for a cool summer. Dangnabit!

The silver lining in this story is that layers are going to be my friend this season. And layers, for me, means more opportunity to inject style into my everyday.

I’ve put together a set of five outfits that can take you from late winter into early spring and beyond. And since it’s going to be a cool summer, I am totally going to rock the socks and sandals trend. Sound like something crazy and wacky that only your dorky uncle would do? Not the way I’ve done them. Taking a cue from Stylecaster, I’ve got five socks and sandals looks for you that can extend your wardrobe from winter to spring to summer to fall. Are you ready for this?

Look #1: Contrasting Colours

For this look, I wanted to riff on a floral motif that is always so prevalent during the spring. So I decided to layer this floral shell under an oversized tartan blazer. Plaid always feels very autumn to me, and so to keep the whole look light I paired it with a paired of cropped white trousers and a pastel bag. A chunky chain necklace necklace keeps the whole look from becoming too twee.

I got the shell and the bag from Winners, and the blazer is vintage men’s Marks & Spencer. The pants are the Pixie from Old Navy (hey! They’re surprisingly nice pants). You can find similar on the following sites:

A similar blazer, with a more summery aesthetic, can be found here. And here’s a nice floral top that’s great for layering. Here are the exact pants that I’m wearing. And here’s a Rebecca Minkoff bag that mine is probably a vegan dupe of.

But the foot area is where things get really interesting!

Aren’t these just amazing! I have to admit, there are few fashion items I get really obsessed with. But I never did meet a sock that I didn’t like and when I spotted a pair of see-through socks a few weeks back, I just had had had to find a pair of my own. This pair comes from Forever 21. They’re made of delicate nylon, and as the cashier at the store pointed out, probably won’t last very many wears. He seemed mystified as to why I wanted to buy them. But aren’t they just amazing? I have a newfound love of sheer socks! And the black just contrasts so nicely with these gold sandals, or these ones.
Outfit #2: Break All the Rules
Sweet Pink Roses from Forever 21

If you’re going to take a fashion risk like reviving the dorky socks and sandals style, you might as well go bold, right? That’s what I did with this next outfit. The faux leather lends a surprising amount of warmth, and the soft colours just scream spring. But instead of just throwing jeans on with this very Katy Perry top from H&M Divided, I decide to rock some denim in the same tonal family. And of course I couldn’t go boring with the sock/sandal combo. Again, same tonal family, but with polka dot pants and junk food top, this look is patterns on patterns on patterns. And I love it!

Of course, you could go for even crazier socks, if you’re feeling especially brave!

Still green and pink, but these socks are a shock to the system! And gummy bears? These screm personality. A neutral shoe, like this one by Anne Klein, brings the look back out of Beautiful Katamari territory and back into real life.

Here’s where to find pieces from this look:
White Faux leather biker jacket from Joe Fresh (oooooo on mark down!)

H&M Divided top: Can’t for the life of me find it online. I bought it recently in store. But the name of the game here is quirk, so I’d check out ModCloth for fun patterned pieces. Like a top in spring pink with an all-over Jeff Goldblum pattern. Or a banana sweatshirt for when things get chilly. Or maybe happy faces are more your style.

The pants are a muddy robin’s egg with navy polka dots that I found at Winners. But you can find similar ones here. Or you can find a cropped, polka dot-less version here. The rose socks are from Forever 21 and the shoes are by Anne Klein, and I got them from DSW last year. Here’s this season’s version. I got the gummy bear socks, believe it or not, from Walmart.

Outfit #3: Pick a Chunky Shoe

For this next outfit, I went a little on the warm side. Sure, a faux fur coat might not be what’s needed for April. But I’m still not brave enough to put it away on those nights when the temperature drops to freezing.
For this look, I tempered the heavy coat with lots of pink! A pink gingham button-up blouse, a pink vintage pleated midi-skirt (legit vintage, since it has a clothing makers union label in it!) and pink socks to boot.
For my sandal, I chose a silver white version with a chunky espadrille heel and a solid silver buckle.

Outfit #4: Matchy Matchy

Definitely a look more spring than the last look, this one matches the socks to the pants not in terms of colour, but in terms of style. A painterly floral print jean might be hard to pull off, but I think keeping the rest of your outfit solid colours, and picking an unexpected tone on top, makes the look work. In the past, whenever I wore these pants, I would go for the obvious tones and wear solid orange or white on top. But what makes this less desperate housewife and more badass is the fact that the faux leather biker jacket picks up the subtle black in the floral pattern.
And of course, the shoes and socks combo. The heels are guess, but I bought them several years ago. Because of the block of black on top, it’s okay to pick up on more springish colours in the pants’ pattern with the shoe. And the socks work since they are nearly the same pattern as the pants!

Outfit #5: Athletic Gear

The last way I wore socks with sandals was with athletic gear socks. However, since I wanted the look to be smart rather than sporty, I combined this jacquard skirt from Ricki’s with a sleeveless knit top from Le Chateau. I then threw a boxy navy blazer from Forever 21 over the look for warmth and to pull it all together with my super strappy BCBGeneration heels and a tiny silver bag. And then, of course, the sports socks.
I chose these white ones with ‘Pony’ written on them in bright pink because I thought it was a little unexpected, a little bit spring, and a lot of fun. And if you’re going to wear socks with sandals, even sandals as feminine as these, you might as well have a sense of humour about it! 🙂