Ethics & Aesthetics

I believe that we all have a unique Sense of Aesthetic.

What we find beautiful, appealing, or stylish is unique to each of us. I believe that having a sense of aesthetic is a distinctly human trait that we should all be able to revel in.

My name is Stephanie Wilson, and I am fashion obsessed. I love pouring over fashion magazines, dressing up, and beautifully made clothes.

Conscious Fashion

I’ve long had a love affair with fashion. However, while following  in April 2014, I learned for the first time about just how harmful to ourselves, to the environment, and to workers the fashion industry can be. Since then, I’ve made a personal commitment to only buy clothing that is eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and based on fair trade and fair labour practices whenever it’s possible.

High Style

In contrast to high fashion, through this blog I’d like us to explore High Style together. I want to add a little glamour to the greening of our closets. To that end, here you’ll have tips and resources to help you build a kind closet!

Resources for Rebels

Everything you need to learn about conscious fashion and why it matters. Ready to be a revolutionary?

Retail Therapy

Love leather, lace, fur and vintage but care about people & the environment? Get in here. We all need a fashion fix every once in a while, no matter what your taste or budget.

Work with Me

Represent a conscious fashion, ecochic, ethical, green or clean brand and want to reach a fashion forward audience? Give me a shout!


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