Resources for Rebels

Let’s get this conscious fashion revolution started! Here are the resources you’ll need:

Books, Movies, Websites:

Change the World with your wardrobe. Book about navigating ethics & fashion.
Fast Fashion and the Globalization of the Apparel Industry.
Minimalist fashion challenge, website & blog. Living better with less.
Huffington Post’s July 2015 in-depth article on why ‘voting with our dollars’ is too simplistic to solve human rights violations related to the garment manufacturing industry. And check out .

What price are we truly paying for cheap garments?

Bloggers & Vloggers

Minimalism and Eco-fashion how-to videos packed with resources & information.
A space to discover ethical, sustainable fashion.
An ethical style blog for the fashion obsessed.
Blog dedicated to green & sustainable beauty, fashion & lifestyle.
An eco fashion and sustainable lifestyle hub. Always adding new articles & information!

Going vegan for ecological reasons? This site has got you: resources galore.

Info & Resources:

Like  but for fashion, this site rates well-known conventional and lesser known ethical brands on aspects like transparency, fair trade, and environmental impacts. Still growing, so submit your favourite brands to the site for future inclusion!
Toronto-based not for profit organization changing the way we consume fashion.
An ethical fashion rating app from Australia, !
April 24th each year helps to bring awareness to the fact that our fashion industry needs great change to become more ethical and responsible.
In April of each year, Vancouver (and now Seattle) hosts the most important Fashion Week in the world. Fashion shows & talks that shine a spotlight on sustainability within the fashion industry.
Responsible Gold Mining, certifying artisanal mines.
Eco stories from the world of design.
Eco-chic living out of NYC. Resources for everyone.
Every April 22, check out their website for resources and celebrate the day!
Every June 8, check out the website for resources to help mitigate pollution in our biggest natural resource.
Confused about where to start on the path to more ethical fashion? Start here.
With a focus on fashion, beauty and lifestyle this is your guide to living stylishly & sustainably.
Ready to go vegan with your fashion? Here’s the directory for you.
Information on fashion brands that use rainforest timber in the creation of their fashion. From an activist group that also focuses on Palm Oil, Paper and other rainforest abuses.
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